stormy_seas_by_bkhook-d60s7o9In grade 6, we were learning what proverbs were. Our lovely English teacher used to write them on the black board, and ask for our perspective; there used to be an uncountable number of hilarious responses, quite an obvious result of a bunch of 10-12 year old gals trying to decipher proverbs. During such a class, one proverb sounded quite interesting to me. “EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER”. Since it was a bit difficult for kids to describe what an experience is, our teacher explained it to us in the simplest manner. Roughly quoting her, “This saying is telling us that the best way we can learn a lesson is by encountering an incident by ourselves. Suppose you are seeing a lighted candle for the first time; you are in awe, you are curious to know how that wisp of flame is glowing so steadily. You touch the flame. And ouch! You burn your finger, and as a result, learn that fire is not something to be casually trifled with. Touching the flame out of curiosity and getting hurt is an experience, and therefore, this incident has taught you not to do it ever again.”

Fast forward 14 years. Here I am, living quite an uneventful existence. I’ve always had a flaw, and that is, procrastinating. I have tried to mend it, but in vain. The area in which I procrastinate is, I have difficulty waking up, until it’s too late. I thought I would improve over the years, but I didn’t. Just like the proverb, I have experienced a lot of hurdles due to this bad habit. I did learn my lesson, but I haven’t even tried to mend myself. Why is that so? I thought experiences made way for a Better person; but I am a big exception. Or have I given up on life and decided to become an escapist, just because I went through difficult phases? Only time will tell.

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  1. You are not alone with the procrastinating nature, most of us have that tendency too but one must be careful not to make it a way of life. Trying using the alarm clock and see how that goes. Cheers! 🙂


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