The title of this post is taken from a quote from legendary astronomer Carl Sagan’s description of our home planet, when he described the famous photograph, “A Pale Blue Dot”. The photo(below, Earth can be seen as a dot on the right side, suspended in a beam of light) was taken by Voyager 1, a space probe, when it was travelling towards interstellar space. I am ashamed to say that I did not know of this photograph until very recently, and as I read the description, my mere mortal thought processes were erased from my mind. It was like I was transformed into an alien being, who was looking up at an infinite void, filled with an occasional spark from a faraway celestial object. And there it was! Our home! But it was so tiny! Almost microscopic. And it made me feel negligible.


The Earth , the place where there is so much conflict, war, grudge, jealousy, greed, lust, all of that is just a mere speck of dust! And we humans, are even smaller! Yet, how beautiful we are, however tiny our planet! We get to exist in an oblate spheroid, suspended in an endless black void, for a fraction of time compared to the universe’s clock, and it is fascinating. Instead of destroying, humanity must vow to preserve this beautiful planet. And it can be done now, or any day, because everyday is Earth day. Nothing is more beautiful than nature itself, and we should take care of her, as we can’t live without her, but she can.

The first two pictures were taken outside my apartment. I don’t know the names of the trees, or the flower, but they are beautiful. Standing under a large tree and feeling the cool breeze is almost therapeutic(except if a bird ejects droppings on you, now that’s a bummer), and I am sure many agree that flowers are nature’s most exquisite creations.