If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

That is what they always say,

But a season and life cannot be the same-

Except that both feels cold and grey.

When life goes through it’s wintry phase,

The snow and blizzard gives you a chase;

You must run to protect yourself

From their clammy death like grip;

A frozen life is not at all easy,

It’s a deadly, nightmarish trip.

Winter in one’s life can be,

A loss of things dear to us-

From death of a loved one, to an accident,

Causing a dark and gloomy Xmas.

Time supposedly heals all wounds,

But that is the biggest lie!

They never say that time can’t rewind;

That, memories and scars stay till we die!

Why, oh why do I deserve this pain?

What great wrong have I done?

Why must I simply rely on hope and faith?

Which in reality, is just oblivion!

I have always envied plants and trees-

For their power to start anew every year.

But envy is not a good thing, but a sin, they say,

It brings disappointment, hatred and fear.

How can I ever be fearless?

For happiness has no guarantee!

I can’t help but be a sad and pessimist human,

People who have lost, will surely agree.

-Cecilia Aurora